Phone Consultation

Phone or video consultation to go over your case and determine what if anything we may be able to do for you.

$50  Brief (30-45 minutes)

$150 Full (1 hour + review + followup)

I-130/I-485 Application for Green Card

We prepare it for you


Specific Question

Get an answer to a specific question. Money back guarantee if we don't answer your question.

$25 (If answered on call) 

$75 (If we need to research and then respond).

Cover Letter for your USCIS Filing

If you have all the necessary forms and would like an attorney write a cover letter summarizing your case and putting everything together in a packet for submission to immigration.


Review your Application to USCIS

Have a lawyer review your application for immigration benefit to be submitted to USCIS (N-400, I-485, I-130, I-589, etc).


I-601 A Waiver

601A Stateside Provisional waiver of inadmissibility if you entered without inspection.


Affidavit Drafting

Help drafting your affidavit or statement and notarization of your statement for submission.


BIA Appeal

Contact us to discuss.


Letter to Reschedule Interview or Biometrics Appointment

If you have to miss or you have already missed your USCIS appointment and need a letter to explain.


FOIA Request

Request copy of FOIA from USCIS, CBPS. and our ICE.                                                                          


Pre-Trial Brief

Draft and submit a brief in support of your case prior t hearing date,


Formal Case Inquiry

Have an attorney contact immigration to make a formal written case status inquiry .


P.D. (case dismissal)

Depending on the facts of your case and type of your case the amount may vary. If you are in removal proceedings and your case is not very strong or you dont want to risk it, they can cut a deal to have your case dismissed and get you out of immigrationCourt                                          


Phone Representation at USCIS Interview

Have a attorney available by phone during the date and time of your interview. USCIS Officer can contact us at any point during your interview if there any issues or the officer has any questions.



Representation at a Master Hearing (appearing virtually by WebEx). 

$100   To Cover for Primary Attorney


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